To Our Dear Friends,

Since our debut in 2012, we have been amazed by the positive response from the Dental Community to our amazing Endodontic Instruments and Products. We will soon become the world’s largest rotary NiTi supplier thanks to your buying decisions! You have realized, you can get the best files at half the price.

We now sell better Carbides, Diamonds, Finishers and Metal-Cutting Burs and Polishers up to half the price to help your office as well.

Thank you for your loyalty and helping us continue our mission of providing a growing product line of Endodontic and General Dentistry items that are twice as good and half the cost. Our prices remain low by not over-charging you. We believe that the best instruments should not have to come at a premium price. 

To keep up with increased material costs, on January 1, 2020, there will be a slight $1 per pack increase on our EdgeTaper™, EdgeTaper Platinum™, EdgeTaper Retreat™, EdgeFile® X1, X3, X5, X7 & XR, EdgeFind™, EdgeOne Fire™, EdgeOne Platinum™, EdgeEvolve™, EdgeSequel Sapphire™, EdgeTaper Encore™, EdgeV-File HT™, EdgeGates™, EdgeCoil™, all the GlidePaths and all obturators. 

EdgeEndo® will continue to invest in innovation and design of the next generation of dental technology.


We appreciate your business!

Dr. Charles Goodis, DDS, and the entire EdgeEndo® team.